Tier 1 Investor Visa in the United Kingdom

The UK has a popular immigration programme know as the Tier 1 Investor Visa.

There are many reasons why the UK is a popular destination including its stable and democratic government. “Playing fair” is part of the nation’s cultural identity which manifests itself in its belief in the rule of law. The UK enjoys world class healthcare, education, culture and, last but not least, clean air. Furthermore, the UK’s tax system offers significant tax benefits for foreigners coming to live in the UK. Benefits of being a non-dom

The applicant is entitled to bring his or her spouse or civil law partner together with their minor children to live in the UK. There are no requirements to speak English. However there is a requirement to have disposable assets sufficient to invest over £2 million in regulated UK companies. There are also health and other compliance checks to be completed, such as setting up UK bank accounts. After the limited life of the visa has expired there are opportunities to apply to settle in the UK dependent on your ability to invest more money in investment funds. The timescale to attain indefinite leave to remain can be considerably reduced by making a larger investment.

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We can advise on alternative tax jurisdictions around the world

Wealthy individuals and their families often desire a second passport in another jurisdiction of their choice.

This enables free movement between jurisdictions and provides privacy.

We can help you choose from a range of jurisdictions, taking into account the legal and financial requirements of each. If you choose to become tax resident in a jurisdiction as well as its citizen, we can compare tax regimes and of course lifestyles including healthcare and schooling offered.

If you do decide to become tax resident somewhere else moving to another country requires a multi-disciplinary approach and we work alongside like-minded boutiques who provide immigration advice, investment advice, relocation services, education specialists etc. whilst we provide the tax support needed.

We can assist with obtaining citizenship, residency and Investor visas in a number of jurisdictions including the United Kingdom.

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