Award winning tax advisers to foreign domiciled and international clients


Taxation of Non-Doms

The UK offers a very advantageous tax regime to foreign domiciled residents yet its complexity requires specialist tax advice in order to make the most of it. We are thought leaders in the field of non-dom tax, advising on domicile, residency and the remittance basis as well as offering bespoke tax planning and tax return preparation services.

Property Holding Structures

Whether you are buying, selling or own UK property we can advise which property taxes and reliefs, such as the new Capital Gains Tax regime, affect your particular set of circumstances. For example, the inheritance tax consequences of non-doms owning UK property are often overlooked. We can help you to arrange your tax affairs to maximise your investment and advise on issues facing non-resident landlords.

Offshore Trusts

Trusts are useful in tax planning, particularly as a shelter from inheritance tax. We can enable you to set up a trust through very practical advice and by recommending from an array of offshore trustees with whom we have long established relationships as Mark Davies founded his business on his experience as a tax adviser on the offshore island of Guernsey.

Tax Investigations

We can provide step by step guidance through the daunting experience of an investigation, negotiating with HMRC on your behalf whilst shielding you from unnecessary intrusion. Our Investigations Team are also specialists in the tax structures often scrutinised by HMRC. If you have undisclosed tax liabilities we can help you become compliant using amnesties such as the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility.

Image Rights Advisory Services

Tax advice on image rights was once the preserve of premiership footballers. However, Guernsey’s new Image Right Registry means that a much wider range of sports celebrities, entertainers and models can structure advertising and endorsement revenue in the most tax efficient way.


Mr S
Managing Director, Senior Adviser

“What I like about your approach is the advice is practical, does not sit on the fence and you support bringing the whole deal together on a practical level. You don’t just do your ”bit” and go!”

Mr C

“From my limited but overwhelmingly positive experience to date, I would say that the key differentiator is one of positive, specific, actionable advice as opposed to vague and non-specific information (rather than advice) from the more “established” tax advisers.”


“I have been impressed by Mark’s responsiveness when we started our discussion and the continued diligence that Mark and his team have demonstrated in dealing with my tax affairs”