How will Ukrainian storm clouds threaten Russian entrepreneurs in the UK?

Our Russian desk has been in the news lately as one of Russia’s leading legal magazines, Legal Insight, sought out Mark Davies’ comments on how the turbulence in Ukraine is affecting his Russian clients.
For a Russian language preview of Legal Insight’s article please see:

Читайте в апрельском номере Legal Insight

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Mark Davies comments in Spear’s as HMRC toughen up tax on non-domicile dual work contracts

HMRC toughen up tax on non-domicile dual work contracts HMRC’s objective is to target and prevent contrived arrangements which create artificial divisions between the duties of a UK and an overseas employment in order to obtain a tax advantage. In his autumn statement the chancellor, George Osborne, announced plans to curb tax avoidance using ‘dual…


Dual Contracts spell Double Trouble

Dual Contracts spell DOUBLE TROUBLE HMRC proposes new legislation on the taxation of dual contracts used by non-domiciles. In his autumn statement the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced plans to  curb tax avoidance using ‘dual contracts’. Dual contracts are a common technique where an employee working for an international employer has several contracts with different group…